New Balance Trainers Review – Men’s Modern Classic 005

New Balance Trainers - Men's Modern Classic 005

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New Balance have excelled with their Men’s Modern Classic 005 trainers. Lots of padding, comfortable, three appealing colour options and regular website discounts make the Modern Classic 005 a great choice of men’s trainer under £70, in and outside the gym.

Men’s Modern Classic 005 are the first New Balance trainers I’ve ever bought. Nike or Adidas tend to be top of the tree but after some good feedback on the brand from friends, it was time to buy.

  1. The khaki green colour looked good.
  2. They were well priced under £70.
  3. Half sizes for someone with 12.5 size feet was ideal.

The aim was to buy a pair of comfortable men’s trainers that would be worn as a day to day shoe (lifestyle trainers / walking trainers). You can wear the Men’s Modern Classic 005 in the gym but these New Balance trainers are more for daily use when you’re out and about.

Or if you’re lucky enough to have a work dress code that allows trainers.

For running trainers, get New Balance 1500v4 running shoes. They’re the best running trainers under £100 for running on a treadmill or outside, based on my experiences with running trainers to date. sell the New Balance 1500v4 men’s running trainers in sizes UK 6.5 – 12, for £80.99. As a BONUS, you get free 24 hour UK delivery.

Slim to the foot, they’re very lightweight, look very stylish, and fit like a glove.

Shop on the New Balance website and you can get the New Balance 1500v4 women’s running trainers. They do sizes UK 3.5 – 8 for £90.

Men's Modern Classics 005

1500v4 Running Trainers

1500v4 Running Trainers (Women)

Men’s Modern Classic 005 Colours

Men's Modern Classics 005 - Khaki Green

Men's Modern Classic 005 - Burgundy Red

Men's Modern Classic 005 - Gunmetal Grey

New Balance describe the Men’s Modern Classic 005 as having an innovative durable midsole that’s 30% lighter than other foams with a synthetic/mesh upper.

Now I’m not a man who likes jargon so this means very little to me. But what I will say, from wearing them pretty much every day since I bought them, is this.

They’re the most comfortable men’s trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of buying.

Better than any Nike trainers under £70. Better than any Adidas trainers under £70.

The REVlite midsole is the key component here. Thick and squishy, it provides excellent comfort and padding. This makes you bounce along with a spring in your step.

I really like the khaki green / olive green colour.

There are different shades of olive green on these green men’s trainers with green/khaki laces. This provides good balance (excuse the pun) because you can see the different shapes and textures around each viewpoint on the trainers.

Men’s Modern Classic 005 New Balance trainers also come in Burgundy with White and Grey with White.

They’re not slim to the foot. You have lots of room for your feet to breathe, aided by the mesh on the upper panel and each side. The laces are the perfect length to do a double knot without needing nimble fingers.

The design is simple, elegant and, as New Balance say, classic.

New Balance Trainers Men's Modern Classics 005
New Balance Men’s Modern Classics 005 – Used Condition

Buy the look

With men’s khaki green trainers, black and blue (light / mid blue / dark blue) jeans and trousers make the look work. These are our recommended choices from River Island. If you’d prefer black skinny fit jeans over the slim fit jeans shown here, buy the black fade skinny fit Sid jeans instead.

River Island Black Ripped Skinny Denim Shorts

River Island Men's Blue Skinny Jeans

River Island Men's Black Slim Fit Jeans

New Balance trainers discount code

These are not cheap trainers. But they’re not expensive either.

For good men’s trainers, I usually look around the £60-80 mark. At the time of writing, these trainers are £60 on the New Balance website with free delivery (free delivery over £50).

When I bought them, New Balance also had a discount code running for 15% off first orders.

You can claim your New Balance discount code by signing up to the newsletter on their website. They then email you the 15% off new customer code.

New Balance trainers sale

New Balance at the time of writing also have a fantastic end of season sale running which is proving very popular.

Get to the sale and snap up a special offer with up to 50% off 780+ items.

Overall the Men’s Modern Classic 005 are excellent value for money.

They’re light, comfortable, come in a good selection of colours, and well made.

Sizes start at UK 7 then go up in .5 to UK 12.5 as the maximum.

Comment below your favourite men’s trainers.

Or if you’ve bought the New Balance Men’s Modern Classic 005 – what did you think?

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