Philips 43PUS7303 Review – Mid Range 4K Ultra HD TV

Philips 43PUS7303 TV


Philips 43PUS7303 is a superb mid level Ultra HD 4K TV under £600. Also on sale in 50PUS7303, 55PUS7303 inch and 65PUS7303 inch sizes. Crisp clear imagery, quick processing, radiant ambilight technology and instant access to Netflix. Highly recommended.

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Philips launched their brand new 7303 series in February 2018.

A fantastic mid range 4k LCD TV series with Ultra HD – BuzzStyle were quoted as saying:

‘You’ll struggle to find a more glamorous looking mid-range 4K HDR TV option this year’.

If you’re after a 4K TV under £600, Philips 7303 could be the one for you.

The silver gun metal framing is lightweight, thin, sleek and stylish to look at.

Fixing the stand onto the TV is straightforward. The instructions that come with the TV are a little hazy (no text) but it’s not difficult to set up. Tighten the four screws into place onto the TV set with the aid of a screwdriver.

Ambilight colour technology

The awesome ambilight technology glows around the TV from three of the four sides – a feature unique to Philips. A great talking point if you have guests over.

Ambilight colours reflect the colour being presented on the TV screen itself, smoothly changing as time passes. It’s really impressive, especially when watching movies at night with the lights off. If you want to turn it off for whatever reason, you can do by pressing the ambilight button on the remote.

HDR and Micro Diming Pro

High Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+) is a new video standard that captures the full richness of the content with bright highlights, excellent contrast and a broad spectrum of colours.

Micro Dimming Pro optimises the contrast on the TV based on the lighting in your room. Very clever! The special software analyses the picture across 6400 zones, all the time enhancing the contrast and image quality to suit the conditions.

4K TV Ultra HD under £500 – Philips 6703 Series

For a TV under £500, you should consider the new Philips 6703 series.

Also on sale in ‘Dark Silver’, this 4K Ultra HD Smart TV comes with HDR Plus, ambilight and freeview play (which the 7303 series does not). This has led to some negative reviews on Amazon about the Philips 7303 series however with it being an Android TV, you can add your own apps if you wish.

Negative reviews also commented that the TV doesn’t come with catch up services like 4OD and ITV Hub. However this can be counted by Sky On Demand or simply getting them from the Google Play store then adding them on. Or buy an Amazon Fire TV stick which has these catch up services on.

The main difference between the entry level 6703 and the mid range 7303 Philips series is the image aspect ratio (4:3 instead of 16:9) and freeview play instead of DVB-S. By having a 4:3 ratio, you’ll need to manually change some shows / movies to 16:9 which may downgrade the resolution.

With a budget under £500, Philips 6703 series is definitely a smart option. TechRadar are quoted as saying;

‘Despite their relatively lowly position in Philips’ 2018 range, the 6703 Series appears to offer substantial value for the price thanks to its basic Ambilight technology, direct-lit VA LCD panel and untested Saphi TV smart operating system.’

But my preference is the 7303. I actually bought my 43 inch 43PUS7303 in the Amazon Prime Day sale, reduced from £600 to £418 – a great bargain.

The 7303 TV is also on sale in 50 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch sizes.

7 reasons to buy Philips 7303 series

  1. Ultra HD has 4x the resolution of standard Full HD – over 8 million pixels!
  2. HDR Plus provides improved colour and contrast
  3. Optimum 16:9 image aspect ratio retains full sharpness
  4. P5 perfect picture engine optimises sharpness, colour, contrast and motion further
  5. Google Assistant, Google Play store and Chromecast are all built in. You can control the TV through an Alexa device
  6. Very good energy rating will keep your energy bills down
  7. Access Netflix quickly by pressing the Netflix button on the remote control

Personal review

I’m overall very happy with the 43PUS7303/12. Colour quality and sharpness is excellent, the remote is simple to use and the TV turns on immediately. The remote control is a little chunky but that doesn’t matter too much. For a 4k TV under £600, even under £500 in this instance, I’d highly recommend buying one.

My previous TV was a Toshiba, bought in 2008. You can definitely witness the advances in modern technology over the past 10 years. The weight has probably halved. Let’s hope Philips 7303 series lasts another 10 years.

For another review, watch BuzzStyle’s Philips 7303 review video.

Discount Codes and Offers

Currys PC World run regular discounts on their website applicable to 4K TVs / electronics in general. They also run a price promise which means they might be able to offer a cheaper price than what Amazon have.

The benefit of Amazon is Prime. If you have a Prime account, you might be able to get your 4K TV a lot quicker than what Currys PC World can offer.

Have you bought the Philips 7303 4K Ultra HD TV? What do you think?


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